A Partial List of Jacques Bolsey's Cameras

1919- Cinegraphe-Bol - Birth of 35mm motion picture camera for amateur movie making. The camera was also capable of taking and projecting both still and moving pictures, enlarging negatives and printing movie positives on standard 35 film. Hand cranked with optional clockwork motor that could be fitted.

1927- Invents and releases the Bolex amateur movie cameras.

1928- Development and production of the first 35mm high class reflex range finder combination camera, known today as the “Swiss Alpa”.

1929- Bol Auto Cine Camera B- Similar to the first model with a few modifications. The camera could hold 30m (100ft) daylight loading spools in comparison to the prior models 15m daylight spools. To allow for the larger spools the body gained two bulges which made the camera easier to hold. The body shape was used in 1935’s Bolex H16 design. Projectors for the camera were introduced. The second projector model took both 9.5mm and 16mm film by using interchangeable parts. It is thought to be the first amateur dual-gauge projector ever produced.

The O-Series- Cameras Developed for the Armed Services under the Bolsey Research and Development Corp. and Bolsey Corp. of America:
  • Type 0-20 - Date Recording

  • Type 0-28 – Medium Speed Instrumentation Recording- Bombardment Data Recording and Elements Computing High Speed Sequence Camera

  • Type 0-29- Low Speed Instrumentation Recording- Multiple Data Recording-Coordination Systems, recording and analyzing data to feed in firing systems.

  • Type 0-30 – Radar Scope Image Recording

  • Type 0-32- Radar Scope Image-Optical Target Recording Camera Systems

N-9 - An electrically operated 24-29 volt DC Motion Picture Camera designed for producing visible records of aerial combat or for recording results obtained in aerial gunnery training.

B-5- Used for Ground and Aerial precision combat camera

B-7 P-2 - Strike Attack- High Sequence Camera

P-5 Tail Fin High Speed Extra Thin Data Recording Automatic Camera for Jets.

1946 onwards- Bolsey 35mm still camera series. These cameras set a new trend in design that was followed by all American, European and Japanese manufacturers.

1957 onwards- Production of miniaturized Bolsey 8 and Uniset movie cameras