A Russian immigrant, Bolsey first ventured into the photographic world in the early 1920’s.  An inventor.  An artist.  A visionary.  Bolsey was a true Renaissance man, best known for his 1924 invention of the Bolex. This iconic camera was the first amateur motion picture camera developed for the mass market, and has been instrumental in the development of some of today’s most successful filmmakers. In 1939, fearing the Nazi take over of Europe, he left Switzerland for the United States, where he developed combat cameras for the U.S. military.  Facing one obstacle after another, he worked feverishly to turn his ideas into a reality, his hand on the pulse of the future.

The Jacques Bolsey Project is a revealing and personal documentary following Bolsey’s footsteps through the United States, Russia, France and Switzerland, as told by his great-granddaughter.